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TEASER Alert! ADD-Ons / Your Survey and Much Happiness...
12 months ago – Wed, Feb 27, 2019 at 01:03:30 AM

Hey Friend, 

Here's a Quick Update of What's Coming Next...

Your "Post Kickstarter" Survey Is Coming Soon - Look for It

We use a platform called BackerKit for ALL of our Post-Kickstarter Reward (and Add-On) Fulfillment Tasks. 

Soon, within the next 3 days,  you will get an email from me through BackerKit. You will NEED to respond to this email. It will step your through what to do next. 

No stress... It's Easy!

Here's What to Do When Your BackerKit / Survey Email Arrives

Click Through YOUR Survey Email to Access Your Pledge Account

Once you are on the BackerKit website you will be able to do 2 cool things:

1) JUST Want Your Pledge and Nothing Else? Great! If this is you, simply fill in your shipping information, submit it and wait in happy anticipation for your rewards.  We will ship your pledge as soon as it's ready.

2) Want to Add-On More Guides, Cards (and / or any of the other add-on I've dreamed up)? Excellent! If this is you, simply select any add-ons you want (including more survival guides and cards) in any quantity and go through the check out process. Your add-ons will ship with your pledge. Nice!

BackerKit makes this all SUPER EASY... BackerKit is our friend!

TEASER ALERT! Quick List of SWEET Add-Ons...

OH MY Gosh... 

You guys have been so STOKED about add-ons (like I have NEVER seen before) and have made some FANTASTIC suggestions during and after the campaign.  Thank you! 

Now, You Probably Didn't Know This... 

The Tiny SURVIVAL GUIDE and Card are ONLY THE BEGINNING of a world-wide TINY take over : ) 

All kidding aside...

NO JOKE - many of your ideas, have actually been in the works for a while. How cool is that? 

So I took this PAST WEEK to slow the survey down AND move the timetable up on a few REALLY COOL add-on tools (that I had on "the list" already). 

Let me know what you think of these... 

Here's the ADD-On Short List:

  • Additional Tiny SURVIVAL GUIDES (any quantity)
  • Additional Tiny SURVIVAL CARDS (any quantity)
  • NEW! Tiny SURVIVAL KIT - Surprise!!! Yep, it's something kinda, sorta new that I've been working on with the guys over at WAZOO (Micro) Survival Gear over the past 2 years. 
  • NEW! Tiny KNIFE SHARPENER - It's a credit card sized, dual-sided, dual grit (400 - 600) diamond knife sharpener that is super thin, lightweight, and fits in your wallet or survival tin, emergency kit. 
  • NEW! Tiny SURVIVAL Tin / DIY Kit / Includes: 1 - Pocket Survival Tin (same size as standard Altoids mint tin), 1 - "SURVIVAL KIT" (top of tin) sticker, 2 - (Exclusive) Survival Tin Gear Checklist Stickers (So you can keep track of, and inventory the items in your tin. You can stick the list to the outside or inside of the tin, 1- "How to Build Your Ultimate Survival Tin Emergency Kit" - VIDEO link (with gear suggestions / links to stuff I like over at Amazon.com). 
  • Maybe one or two additional items...

Up NEXT! Survey / ADD-ON Email from BackerKit - Look for It... 

Thank you again for your support and excitement for the Tiny SURVIVAL Gear project (and add-ons). You ARE going to love these Tiny Tools! 

Have a Fantastic Day!

Talk soon,


Time to Celebrate!!!
12 months ago – Tue, Feb 19, 2019 at 11:18:01 PM

Thank You Friends! 

We did it!!!

1,026 Backers - $37,239 Dollars - 1,063% Funded

I can't say it enough... Thank you for your kind encouragement, trust and support!!!  You are amazing!


Keep an Eye Out for Our Pledge Manager Emails from - BACKERKIT 

Have a FAN-Tastic Day! 


LAST Chance to Get YOUR Tiny Survival Guide and Card on Kickstarter - Don't Miss Out!
12 months ago – Tue, Feb 19, 2019 at 08:47:41 PM

Only 2 Hours Left to Snag Your Tiny Survival Guide and Card...

Hi Friend, 

It's crazy! I can't believe that our Kickstarter Ends at Midnight Tonight with us sitting at well OVER 1,000% funded! Wow! Thank you!

So this is my friendly reminder (if you have not already done so), jump in and pre-order your Tiny Survival Gear now! 

One Quick Tip...

INSIDER TIP #1: Get a 5 or 10 Pack (of Guides and / or cards). You will save $$ - PLUS - You going to want  to give (especially) the Guides away as Stocking Suffers, Birthday Gifts, and to  Everyone You Love... No Joke!  GET Your Tiny Guides HERE: https://kck.st/2DWa2fH

Once the Kickstarter Ends...

Once the Kickstarter Ends - I will be back with you to explain how you can add-on items to your pledge, how we will gather your shipping information and how we will fulfill your pledge. Its VERY VERY simple with our strategic partner - the FINE Folks over at BackerKit!

Thank you for your encouragement and support! WE DID IT - Together! YES!!!!

Before I Go, Here Are Some of Our Friend's Projects that We LOVE... 

SliceCharge Pro | World's 1st 6-coils Wireless Charging Mat

Fastest 3-in-1 6-coils Wireless Charging Mat | Built-in MFi-Certified Apple Watch Charger by OPSO | 30W USB-C PD Power Supply: CLICK HERE

TOLIYA TOWEL: Upgrading Your Bath, Sports & Travel Essential. 

Toliya, the world’s best travel & sports towel made of pure  cotton, designed to make bathing experience pleasant, while away from  home. 

Toliya towels that are made to be trendy, incredibly absorbent, skin  friendly, and with features such as a fast drying, compact and  lightweight, they are ideal for travelers & sport persons who like  to carry their go to towel. 

Check out their campaign HERE! https://igg.me/at/toliya-towel/

$25K STRETCH Goal CRUSHED! You're Gonna LOVE This...
about 1 year ago – Sat, Feb 16, 2019 at 12:19:17 AM

Oh Yeah! You SMASHED Our $25,000 Stretch Goal... 

So guess what? Yep, you get a Fresnel magnifying lens with every Tiny Survival Guide you pre-order. NICE! 

Next STRETCH GOAL - $40,000?

Now I am pondering some additional stretch goals (mostly bonus videos and pdf reports) - or - possibly just releasing some NEW gear I have about finished (see below) as add-ons instead of a new stretch goal perk. 

Then you'll be able to select some ADDITIONAL cool new stuff FROM the (COMING SOON) Tiny Survival Gear line as add-ons (with additional guides and cards - if you like) after Kickstarter campaign ends. 

I'll cover how this will work in a future update. It's quite simple. 

First Look at the NEW Tiny Knife Sharpener - Credit Card Sized - Diamonds on BOTH Sides!
First Look at the NEW Tiny Knife Sharpener - Credit Card Sized - Diamonds on BOTH Sides!

Double Sided Tiny Knife Sharpener

One item I am working on is a double sided, credit card sized, diamond sharpener. I think we can do fine grit on one side and extra fine on the other. How COOL is that? 

This would be a PERFECT item you could carry in an Altoids Survival Tin Kit or carry in your wallet to sharpen your Tiny Survival Card Knife (or any other knife) - in a pinch. 

SO, let me know your thoughts, and I'll be back with an update on Saturday or Sunday.

So Don't Wait... Time is Running Out!

If you are not IN on the Tiny Survival Guide and Card Kickstarter Project - NOW is the Time - Only 4 Days Left! 

*Click Here* to join in, support this project and get some FANTASTIC "never been done before" EDC gear that could save your life. 

Before I Go, Here Are Some of Our Friend's Projects that We LOVE... 

Sonnet: A GAME CHANGER For Wilderness & Emergency Communication

Our friends Sonnet Labs has launched a revolutionary communication  device, Sonnet. At $119/pair, it creates an independent network for your  smartphones, etc. It uses its OWN SIGNAL to send each other text,   voice, images, and ALL files, thus NEEDS NO CELL SERVICE.  You can also  form your own Sonnet network with your friends which can  stretch the  range up to 100 km, and share internet connectivity! In a  nutshell, whenever and wherever you face a non-existent or unreliable  signal, you  might want Sonnet. We love it and we think you will too! CLICK HERE.  

Sonnet: A GAME CHANGER For Wilderness & Emergency Communication
Sonnet: A GAME CHANGER For Wilderness & Emergency Communication

Air Deck 2.0 - The ultimate travel playing cards

Following the success of the original project, our friends over at  Air Deck just launched Air Deck 2.0. These playing cards are premium,  waterproof, compact, lightweight and durable. Click HERE to see their  THREE NEW DESIGNS now. 

Thank You for Your Continued Encouragement and Support! 

Until Next Time... 

Be Prepared... Because You Never Know,


VIDEO - “Every Survival Kit Needs One of These” - $25,000 Perk + NEWS!
about 1 year ago – Tue, Feb 12, 2019 at 08:11:31 AM

Greetings Friend, 

It was a great surprise - for sure! 

I was sitting at my computer and all of a sudden a new video from Bryan at "Survival on Purpose" popped up on YouTube titled... 

"Tiny Survival Guide Review - Every Survival Kit Needs One of These."

You see, not long ago, I gave Bryan a Tiny Survival Guide at SHOT Show in Las Vegas. He wanted to discuss it (on video) at the show. So I thought that was it. 

But I guess he took it home, spent a few days with it, and was so impressed that he decided to do a full 9 minute review on it. 

Here's the Video...

Then, Tony, the Editor of Backwoods Biker Magazine, posted his YouTube review for the Guide AND Card.

Tony has an interesting perspective... 

His magazine is geared toward folks who do long distance extended trips on their motorcycles into wilderness areas (think "Biker Bugout"). 

Tony and his team test a LOT of gear, and are VERY picky. So, I was surprised by his excitement about both the guide and survival card! 

Here's Tony's Video Review...

Now on to Our $25,000 Stretch Goal and a Perk for You! 

In my first update, I mentioned a few ideas for our $25,000 stretch goal and asked for your opinion. You all overwhelmingly picked the Fresnel Credit Card Sized Magnifier

This is a fantastic pick because it can travel with your guide and help you see some of the finer details (especially in the illustrations) better. 

PLUS,  it is possible to use it like a magnifying glass to start a solar fire. 

Now, Here's the Good News!

We are already at $22,536 (when I last checked) with 651 Backers! So getting to $25,000 should be EASY, especially with 10 days left. Go TEAM! 

But THE Dream is Bigger than This...

Imagine how many lives might be saved if we could get the Tiny Survival Guide into the hands of a million (or more) people in 2019.

So Craig and I Want to Humbly Ask for Your Help! 

Please spread the word to your friends, family, fans or followers via email, message or on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, MeeWee, or any other platform you connect with folks on. 

Using this link (see below) in your emails, texts and social media posts will help me track how we are doing as we progress to our $25,000 goal. AND beyond. Here's the link: https://kck.st/2QY2nSy 

TV, Radio, Magazines, Blogs, Podcasts... 

We'd LOVE to Serve You (and Your Audience) With Interesting Content...

And Talk About: How to Deal With... 

- Wilderness Mishaps - Civil Unrest - Personal Self-Defense - Natural Disasters - Worst Case Scenario Events - Active Shooter and Terror Threats - Severe Weather Preparation -  Disaster Readiness - Leadership - Manliness - Or just about anything else.

So, if you, or someone you know, are connected with a media outlet - Please let us know. 

Craig Caudill (see photo of him below), my friend and co-author of the Tiny Survival Guide (and I) would love to share life-saving information on topics we all face today (and share a little bit about this Kickstarter project). 

Talk about tough topics... That's what Craig and I do (almost every day) on The SURVIVAL SHOW Podcast

You can email us at Team@UltimateSurvivalTips.com

Note: Craig is also the Author of Extreme Wilderness Survival (and two other popular books), and he is my co-host on The SURVIVAL SHOW Podcast

ONE Last Thing - HOW TO Add Additional Items to Your Pledge!

Many, many, many of you have asked us how to add items to your pledge. 

We've made this super simple. 

For my last Kickstarter project - the MSK-1 Survival Knife System - I used BackerKit to fulfill pledges and allow folks to add on additional items AFTER the Kickstarter Campaign ended. 

It worked super sweet. 

So we are using BackerKit again!  

Want to add a guide or card to your pledge? No problem!

You do NOT have to do anything now to add additional items. The opportunity to add items will happen AFTER this Kickstarter Campaign ends!

So, stand by... 

Before you go, Craig and I want to say, “Thank YOU!” 

Thank you for your faith in us. Thank you for your kindness, Thank you for spreading the word. Thank you for your support and encouraging words! 

You are going to LOVE the Tiny Survival Guide and Card!

I'll be back when you guys blow by the $25,000 goal. Until then...

Keep It Simple, Be Positive, and Stay Sharp!


JUST in! Craig is the Keynote Speaker at a Big Event in Kentucky this Weekend - Notice the Tiny Survival Guide on his table...
JUST in! Craig is the Keynote Speaker at a Big Event in Kentucky this Weekend - Notice the Tiny Survival Guide on his table...