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Your "Emergency" Survey Link Is Here...
11 months ago – Thu, Mar 14, 2019 at 08:30:25 PM

Hey Friend, 

Did You Get Your Survey Link? 

And, Have You Filled Out Your SURVEY?

If your answer is, "NO"... your survey email (with link) was sent on March 7th (and at least one follow-up email has been sent since then). These emails probably just went to your JUNK or SPAM folder. 

This happens all the time. No worries. I've got your back : )

To Make It Easy on You...

BELOW is a link that will get you into your survey (without that email). 

Simply CLICK the link and ENTER your email address (the one you used on KICKSTARTER) and - BAM!!! You will get to your survey. 

Here's the Link: https://bit.ly/2F8NjxE 

You can also use this link (at anytime) if you want to get back into your survey for any reason - including adding more items to your pre-order or updating your shipping address. 

But, we NEED Everyone to fill out their survey as soon as possible so we can move to the next phase. 


 25% of You Guys Have NOT Filled Out Your Survey Yet... 

So, Let's Get this Done!

For All of You Who Have Filled Out Your Survey... 

THANK YOU! You are helping us move along. 

Okay, that's it for now. 

Talk soon, 


Save Bucks! 10x Bulk Packs JUST Added...
11 months ago – Mon, Mar 11, 2019 at 01:18:09 AM

Hey Friend,

JUST Added! Save $$ on 10-Packs of Guides and Cards (photo below)

I've had a few folks ask if I could add Bulk "Family" Packs of Tiny Guides and Cards to the ADD-On Store at Discounted "Early Bird" Kickstarter Pricing... so I Have!!!

You can now add Tiny Guides in multiples of 10 to your Pre-Order (at $7 per guide +Free Shipping to the USA) - AND - Add Tiny Cards in multiples of 10 (at $14 per card + Free Shipping to the USA). 

A Unique and Affordable Gift to Stock Up On

Christmas (stocking stuffers), Birthdays, Mothers and Fathers Day, Graduations are just a few of the times you are going to WISH you had a few extra Tiny Survival Guides and Cards around to give away.  Trust me.  

The guide especially, is something that everyone in my family and friendship circles LOVEs and appreciates!  Because, when it comes down to it, everyone wants to be better prepared and be more self-reliant. 

Even my 78 year old Aunt loves the Guide. Hi Aunt Peggy : ) 

Now she wants cards for herself and others. No Joke!  

It's Easy to Add to Your Pre-Order

So, if you have already filled out your survey and finished up in the Add-On store, it's NOT too late to use your link, go back in and add on 10 Packs of Guides and Cards in bulk. It's easy!

If you have NOT filled out your survey or been to the ADD-On store - the bulk packs are waiting for you. 



10x "Family Packs NOW Available!
10x "Family Packs NOW Available!

PayPal (for Add-Ons) is Fixed!!!
12 months ago – Fri, Mar 08, 2019 at 07:42:53 PM

Hello Friend, 

PayPal Checkout Is Fixed : ) 

Some of you guys have been attempting to purchase add-ons in the store, but were NOT able to checkout using PayPal.

I apologize for the inconvenience. The team at BackerKit has been working hard to figure it out, and I'm happy to announce that this issue is now resolved. 

Our BackerKit Team is AWESOME!!!

So, if you WANTED ADD-Ons (but did not get them because of the PayPal issue), it is easy to go back and get them - and check out using PayPal. 

Simply use your original login link to your BackerKit account, modify your survey, and purchase add-ons. EASY!

If you have any issues at all, the BackerKit team is standing by to help you out. We are all hear to serve you! To get our expert support, just click the, "Need Help?" tab in the top right corner of your survey page.

Okay you all... that's it. 

Until next time - Have fun in the Add-On Store and have a FAN-Tastic day!


Surveys COMING! Here’s a Guide to Getting Your Stuff (+ Add-Ons If You Like : )
12 months ago – Fri, Mar 08, 2019 at 12:17:38 AM

 Hey Friend,

Surveys Are Coming!!! 

In fact, we JUST sent a test batch (called a "Smoke Test"). Once we confirm that there are no problems with the survey or the Add-On store… EVERYONE will get their survey. 


SO, moving forward this update contains directions for claiming your REWARDS as well as important dates you should to be aware of. It is organized into two parts:

1) Backer Kit Surveys

2) Important Dates

For Those New to BackerKit Pledge Manager...

BackerKit is AWESOME!!!
BackerKit is AWESOME!!!

So, the Kickstarter campaign has closed and Kickstarter has collected your pledge. 

NOTE 1: If Kickstarter was not able to collect your pledge, you will still get a BackerKit survey (anyway) and you can pay within BackerKit. 

 Now, We Need to Know Where to Send Your Reward... 

This is where BackerKit makes all of our lives easy! 

BackerKit is a survey tool (and an Add-On store) that allows you to purchase additional items (if you like), pay and give us your address. 

You will be sent an email subject line (something like this), "Response Needed -- Get your reward for Tiny Survival Guide - Ultimate “Survive Anything” Pocket Emergency Guide + Kit".  

This email will contain a unique link to your pledge manager. CLICK the link in that email and follow the instructions on each page. 

It’s very easy! 

Here's an Overview of What You Will Do...

  • Answer a Simple Survey Question.
  • Confirm Your Pledge Level. 
  • Add More Items to Your Order (if you want). 
  • Enter Your Shipping Address. 
  • Enter Payment Details (if needed) and Confirm Your Information.

Once you've confirmed your info, you are all set! 

NOTE 2: If you want to add more add-on items, change your card, or update your address, you can log back into BackerKit pledge manger - later - using your link, until the dates listed below. 

NOTE 3: If you know you are going to move before we ship in May, just enter the address associated with your credit card and we will remind you in April to update your shipping address before we lock your order prior to shipping. 

Important Dates to Remember... 

The below dates are tentative and apply to everyone: 

  •  Soon - Your backer survey will be sent! 
  •  Next Week - A link to your Digital Rewards will arrive in a separate email with the subject line (something like), “New Digital Content for Tiny Survival Guide…” 
  •  March 21st, 2019 - All add-on orders will be locked and credit cards will be charged to fund production.
  •  April 17th, 2019 - We will lock addresses. This is tentative since it is somewhat dependent on our production/shipping schedule. 

NOTE 4: If you want us to lock your order/charge your card before March 21st (for budgeting purposes), just email us here: team@UltimateSurvivalTips.com.

A Look Behind the Curtain @ the Add-Ons

Okay, This is pretty much how the ADD-On Store Looks (See below).

Until Next Time… 

Keep it Simple, Stay Positive and Be Sharp!


VIDEO UPDATE - Add-On / Survey Update & My Mistake : )
12 months ago – Fri, Mar 01, 2019 at 10:34:24 PM

Hey Friend, 

FIRST... Craig, my friend and the co-host of The Survival Show Podcast (with me), and co-Author of the Tiny Survival Guide wanted to say, "Thank You" and give a quick VIDEO UPDATE. See Below...  

Next... I'm ready to go, but Kickstarter is not...

In my last update I mentioned that I'd have the post-Kickstarter survey out to you within 3 days to collect your shipping info AND make add-ons available (to those who want them).

I'm ready to go... 

However, I forgot that Kickstarter takes a full 14 days (once a campaign closes) to collect backer funds, give folks with declined credit cards a chance to fix them, and get us the final list of PAID backers. 

So I can't send your survey until the Kickstarter funding is settled. I totally forgot how Kickstarter's post-campaign process works. My bad!   

But the good news is... 

#1 - You get to meet Craig in the VIDEO update BELOW and... 

#2 - Your rewards will NOT be delayed!!! 

In fact, we are a little ahead of schedule on the manufacturing side of things!

You see, as soon as the campaign funded I began the work on getting your rewards into production. So we are in GREAT shape with promised delivery dates (from my manufacturers) well ahead of schedule. 

This is AWESOME! 

So look for an email from us through BackerKit toward the end of next week (around the 7th or 8th of March).

For your reading pleasure I have included a full list of Add-Ons below... 

Now I'm pleased to introduce you guys to Craig...

Campaign Add-on Choices will Include:

  • Tiny Guides (Yes they will all INCLUDE a Fresnel Lens (for FREE) since you guys made our stretch goal)
  • Tiny Cards
  • Tiny Survival Kit (that I've been working on for a while)
  • Tiny Credit Card Sized Diamond Sharpener
  • DIY Mint Tin Survival KIT
  • And... The Ultimate Tiny EVERYTHING Kit that Includes all the above ADD-Ons in One Package and at SMOKIN' great deal.  

That's if for now...

Keep It Simple, Be Positive and Stay Sharp!