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A TINY Update + Pick Your Favorite Logo + AMAZON Man!
9 months ago – Fri, Aug 16, 2019 at 10:11:48 PM

Hello My Friend and Follow Adventurer,

Since my last note we have been busy trying to keep up with all the growing interest in our Tiny Survival Gear line (and MSK-1 Knives) that you helped us launch on Kickstarter.

But before I give you a TINY update - I Need Your Help...

Vote for Your Favorite Tiny Survival LOGO...

On September 1st we are launching TinySurvival.com - a website / BLOG focused around Micro EDC (Every Day Carry) gear that works - with an emphasis (of course) on our Tiny Survival Gear line up. 

So... I am running a LOGO Contest on 99 Designs and I would like You to help me PICK which designs go into the final design round. IT's EASY. 

Just click this link - or CLICK the photo below to go cast your VOTE and comment on the semi-final round of designs... THANK YOU!

Click this Photo to VOTE on Your Favorite Tiny Survival LOGO

 Now an Here's a Tiny Update:

  • Over 12,000 Tiny Guides + Thousands of Tiny Cards Sold (Since the Kickstarter launch)
  • Tiny Survival Gear was Featured in: Survivor's Edge Magazine / Touch of Modern / Apocabox (June) and will be in BATTLBOX (September) - LOOK for my Open Box Review on Ultimate Survival Tips YouTube  
  • Tiny Survival Gear was VERY Successfully Launched on AMAZON recently - Phew! Complicated, LOTs of Work - But worth it. Here's a LINK...  
  • Our PODCAST - The SURVIVAL SHOW Podcast is SMOKING (It's grown about 50% in the past 3 Months) Check it OUT Here...  
  • A Little Problem - MSK-1 Knives and the Tiny Survival Gear line are creating more opportunity than we / I can handle. So...
  • INVESTORS - We are considering some options for raising Investment Capital to get Ben (my son) - and I help and move our two successful (but not yet fully developed) niche' gear brands (MSK-1 Knife & Tiny Survival Gear) beyond my basement - and beyond me having to do too much - so I can focus on doing what I do best - CREATING videos, online content and gear!
  • NEW GEAR!!! Oh my GOSH...I literally have 8 - 12 (I have lost track) Innovative NEW knives and gear in various stages of prototyping and I just DON'T have the TIME to get them done and out to you. So... if you are an sharp investor / business builder (AKA Shark) ... give us a shout - team@ultimatesurvivaltips.com - let's talk. If you are a micro investor and would love to be part of our FUTURE / stand by for a potential Crowd Fund INVESTMENT Opportunity.
  • Tiny Survival BRAND Website Launch is Coming September 1st (soft launch before that). www.TinySurvival.com will be the home of a sweet BLOG on the coolest EDC innovations on the planet as well as the home of our very own TINY Survival Gear Including: Tiny Guide, Tiny Card, Tiny Sharpener, Several Tiny Kits and MORE. Look for this SWEET website soon...
  • LASTLY - If you are a praying person - please pray that I would have wisdom I need as we move forward and make decisions with regards to all of the above. THANK YOU!

Okay friend... that's the Big stuff!

Don't forget to VOTE for your favorite Tiny Survival BRAND Logo Here...

AND... THANK You for your continued encouragement and support!

Have a FAN-Tastic Weekend,


SHIPPING Update! 33% Shipped - MORE Shipping Now...
about 1 year ago – Mon, May 20, 2019 at 08:40:15 PM

Hey Friends!

Short and to the point today since we ARE shipping a TON right now...

Yep, We Are Shipping!

  • We have shipped approximately 33% of all orders!
  • We are hoping to have most of the balance out this week! 
  • If you have not received your Tiny Survival Gear yet... You will. Stand by!

NOTE: Your backer number on Kickstarter (unfortunately) does not have any bearing on the order in which we pack and ship orders.  

It is VERY complicated, but in the end folks receive their pledge items based on several factors that are way to boring to waste your time explaining in detail. Just know we are getting orders out as fast as possible and (if it has not already) yours will ship soon. 

BOTTOM LINE: If you have not received your pledge or Pre-Order items yet... 

They will be shipping in the next few days... 

Another NOTE: You will receive a shipping confirmation and tracking number from us as soon as we pack up your kit to ship. SO make sure to check the email you used to order. 

Send Us a NOTE When You Get Your Stuff...

Once you do get your Tiny Survival Gear... send us a email note (and photos if you like) to team@ultimatesurvivaltips. 

On Social Media #tinysurvivalgear and #tinysurvivalguide on Social Media and tag #ultimatesurvivaltips or @ultimatesurvivaltips to so we can repost your stuff to the Tribe!

That's it! 

Thanks for your continuing encouragement and support! 


HERE's a Few EARLY Backer Comments:

"I got my 5-pack of Guides and Cards today! Extremely satisfied, Thanks David! I can't wait to see what your next project will be. I still LOVE my MSK-1 from your last Kickstarter campaign." ~R.M.

"Just got the booklet, it rocks! The included [surprise was] an unexpected but very appreciated treat :). Great kickstarter, cheers! ~J.G.

It arrived in tact and awesome, and in time to share with my sister before she leaves town. Thanks for the timely arrival and the [surprise] as well. It was all super awesome and very generous. ~S.T.

Yes! Shipping Starts TOMORROW!
about 1 year ago – Thu, May 09, 2019 at 01:47:57 AM

Hey You All!!!

This WILL be my shortest - but BEST - update EVER! 

No joke. Lots to Do Today - But We Are Starting to Ship Tiny Survival Gear - Tomorrow!

I will send a bit longer update with photos and maybe a video in the next couple of days once we start shipping... 

Here's Some Quick Notes:

  •  Everything it here! Yippee!!! 
  •  We ARE On Schedule with Our Promised Ship Date for the Kickstarter! Yea! 
  •  WE Are Starting to Ship Tomorrow! WOOT WOOT!
  • Oh My Gosh... Every ITEM IS: Beautiful, Functional and Durable. I am very pleased!!! Did I say, "Oh MY Gosh!?"
  •  I'm Locking Orders Today. So If You Need to Change Your Address... Use THIS Link and Do IT IMMEDIATELY: https://tiny-survival-gear.backerkit.com/
  •  8% of you STILL Need to Get Us Your Survey with Address so We Can Ship to You. Use the Following Link (Enter Your Kickstarter Email to See the Status of Your Pledge or Pre-Order): https://tiny-survival-gear.backerkit.com/
  •  Shipping and Digital Download Delivery WILL Start Tomorrow and WILL Continue for About 2 WEEKS... So Don't Panic... Your Stuff IS Coming Soon and Very Soon! 
  •  Once Your Items Are Packaged and Ready to Ship You WILL Receive an Email WITH Tracking Info. NOTE for International (NON-USA) Customers Only: Since we mostly ship USPS (US Postal) International Orders Do NOT Show Progress (in the tracking info) Once they leave the USA - UNTIL, they land at customs in your country. So don't panic... your stuff is on the way even if it gets stuck in customs for a while. I will tell you that the UK is the worst second only to a few countries in Asia and the Middle East. But for 99% of you... your stuff will arrive super quick and you can disregard the above note.   

I Have a BUNCH of Little, Important, but Slightly Annoying Tasks to Complete (Today) Before We Start Shipping Tomorrow. So... 

I gotta GO! 

Later you all...

I'll be back with you soon with some photos and other cool items...

So be on the lookout for additional updates.

Have a FAN-Tastic Day!


10% BAD - 90% GOOD + Shippping Update and Beautiful Guides + PICTURES!!!
about 1 year ago – Tue, Apr 16, 2019 at 02:09:54 AM

Hello Friend!

Let's celebrate! The Elves are working hard to get everything manufactured and packaged up - real nice - as they continue to help me keep the Tiny Survival Gear project on schedule for May 2019 delivery! 

So with Spring in the air (and snow coming down on the mountain - at the moment), I'm excited to share with you a few encouraging details...

Here You Go...

1) 90% of our (post Kickstarter) surveys are completed! If this is you, THANK YOU! This is Good : ) 

2) 10% of the surveys are NOT complete. This is BAD : (  

If this is you... We can NOT ship your stuff without you filling out the survey and giving us your shipping address. So... Please use this LINK to get to your survey: https://tiny-survival-gear.backerkit.com/

3) 100% of the BEAUTIFUL Tiny Survival Guides are printed and are here. (Photo Below)

Boxes and Boxes and Boxes... AND Boxes of Beautiful Tiny Survival Guides ARE Here!
Boxes and Boxes and Boxes... AND Boxes of Beautiful Tiny Survival Guides ARE Here!

4) 100% of the Tiny Survival Cards are manufactured and will be here early next week.

FYI: I have continued to work with our manufacturing team on the Tiny Survival Card during and after the Kickstarter Campaign. I am happy to say that we have been able to further refine the design (and manufacturing) process to increase the ruggedness, versatility and quality of the card. (Photo Below)

5) 100% of Guide and Card packaging materials will be here this Friday.

BREAKING NEWS! Tiny Survival Card Magnets JUST ARRIVED. (See Photo Below)

6)  20% of the packaging assembly is complete.

7) Other Add-On Products (Sharpeners, Kit Components, Survival Tins, Knives, Tee Shirts) are in stock OR are on their way. We expect to have all products here by the end of NEXT week.

When Will Shipping Start?

Once we assemble and package products, we will start shipping... on or around April 29th. The shipping process will (realistically) take between 2 and 3 weeks. This means most (if not all of you) should have your items on or before May 20th.  

LAST THING (I saved the boring stuff for last)...

We Are Locking Orders and Charging Credit Cards this Week... 

To fund the rest of production, we are locking orders and billing credit cards this week. This is only for folks who pre-ordered or selected add-ons but have not been billed yet. 

NOTE: You CAN still change your address (if needed) by using this link: https://tiny-survival-gear.backerkit.com/


I think that's it for now. 

Have a fantastic week! 


JUST IN! Tiny Survival Card Magnet and Almost Final, Final Version of the Card...
JUST IN! Tiny Survival Card Magnet and Almost Final, Final Version of the Card...
Sweet Tiny Survival Guide Packaging!
Sweet Tiny Survival Guide Packaging!

I Made a Mistake! "Emergency" Survey Link - Take 2
about 1 year ago – Thu, Mar 14, 2019 at 09:23:54 PM

Hey Guys,

I Made a Mistake? 

In my earlier update I gave you the wrong link to the "Emergency" Tiny Guide Survey Login.

Here is the Proper Link: https://tiny-survival-gear.backerkit.com/

Simply CLICK the link and ENTER your email address (the one you used on KICKSTARTER) and - BAM!!! You will get to your survey. 

Yes, it should work this time.

Sorry for the error... 

Talk soon,